Even as a child, I liked to build, create, and experiment with different materials. I was always curious and inquiring. Naturally, I studied at the Poznan Polytechnic. After, I collaborated with leading Polish furniture makers as a design and building engineer.

I know the process from the design to build inside and out. With more experience came the need to form my own company so I can employ biophilic design techniques, which are dearest to me. I grow vegetables and fruits at my home. Planting, growing, and consuming the crops is very rewarding and gives me a creative boost.


We have been designing and building office furniture for many years. And for many years we felt that office space where we spend lots of time does not reflect nature and what humans need. We missed the greenery that urban space most often lacks. We wanted to bring that greenery back and into the office.

The design of our products solves the current issues of office and public spaces of noise, dry and polluted air, as well as no contact with nature. Nature is what we humans long and have it ingrained in our DNA.

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I can thank my dear grandma for the love for plants that I have. When I was only few years old she gave me my own plot in her garden that I could plant what I wanted, mainly flowers. I liked to ‘play’ in the dirt but most of all I liked taking care of my plants and see them grow. My home is full of plants and I simply cannot imagine living without them. Every day they bring me not only fresh air but piece of mind.

I expanded my knowledge of gardening during postgraduate studies in the field of horticultural therapy at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poznan.

I combine my passion for plants with many years of experience in new business development and negotiation. I'm currently developing moonstera’s sales network, although it would be better to say - I plant the seeds for biophilic design.

Moonstera is taking flight with the support of the Poznań Science and Technology Park (PSTP), as part of the InQbation program. In May this year, we found ourselves among seven young, innovative companies whose ideas were recognized by PSTP.

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