Biophilic design derives from old knowladge about plants, which - forgotten over time - now is more popular. No wonder, because balance between nature and culture has been shaken.

Here, on our blog we will remind this knowledge and enrich it with the latest researches associated with horticultural therapy, acoustic and air quality, so biophilic design!


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  The air indoors can, and often is, contaminated much more than outdoors. NASA's research shows that the best way to counteract that is to use properties of potted plants. They are capable of purifying air from harmful, volatile substances. We will help you choose the right plants, taking into account the light, the interior’s layout, and needs of the employees.


 Social gardening is a young field of knowledge that inspires us to follow the guidelines of horticultural therapy. moonstera’s living furniture need human care, and in return they offer calming and aesthetic sensations that enrich spiritually.


 At a Wageningen University's & Research Centre in Holland, where a number of studies on healthy environment are being conducted, it has been found that the presence of greenery in offices can even reduce energy costs by up to 20%. Plants regulate the temperature in the interiors, so you do not need to use as much air conditioning or heating. This is another powerful argument for the biophilic design!


     How and which industrial waste materials can be reprocessed? This and many other issues that can make the design more environmentally friendly we think of every day. We will soon be introducing straw and wood bark into our collections waste that can be re-used successfully.



   Moonstera's acoustic boxes and walls bring quietness into to the noisy spaces in the form of plants which are an integral part of the collection. Multiple studies conducted over the years show that greenery influences the sound propagation by absorbing and dissipating acoustic energy. We will create flowering oasis of silence for you!





   With the Moonstera, you can arrange space creatively. Acoustic boxes, telephone booths, walls, benches - all immersed in greenery. Work and public spaces transformed into a vibrant beauty, providing real benefits: fresh air, silence and contact with nature.





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